My name is Ilya Gavrikov (Илья Гавриков), but I go by EngiN33R on the Web. I’m a young programmer from Russia by trade, mostly working on mobile apps, web and game modding. I first became interested in programming after Counter-Strike 2D, a game I played when I was younger, added modding support powered by the Lua programming language. One thing led to another, and I ended up doing modding work for CS2D and other games, later also moving on to developing mobile apps and web applications. I’ve worked with many different languages, with considerable experience in Lua, PHP and Java and some experience in Python, Ruby and C/C++.

My other major interest aside from programming is linguistics and foreign languages. I started getting into foreign languages at the tender age of five, when I started learning English, and I never stopped since. I speak Russian, English, Ukrainian, German, French and some Spanish. I’m continuously fascinated by the diversity of human languages, and I enjoy learning about them – doing so whenever I get the chance.

I enjoy teaching and passing on the knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated over the years, and that’s what a lot of this blog is about – I publish tutorials and lessons in programming and languages in the hopes that they will inspire someone to learn and help them achieve their goals. I also write about my own projects and, occasionally, about my takes on some of the events happening in the world, mostly in the world of IT.

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