Regex: Grouping expressions of a kind

I was recently presented with a task: I had a CSV database dump that I had to turn back into MySQL queries of a different format. My toolset was everything that Sublime Text 3 had to offer (which is a lot of great tools) – though eventually it was narrowed down to a plugin and ST3’s macro functionality – and the awesome power of regular expressions. As I was working on this task, however, I ran into a problem which took me a few hours to resolve – but its solution is interesting, and in my opinion deserving of an article. Continue reading Regex: Grouping expressions of a kind

Cosmic Frontiers Redux

Okay, so Cosmic Frontiers is undergoing major changes right now. As I added more and more features into it, the code became harder and harder to maintain. Therefore, I decided to start anew.

Nothing is going to be majorly different from the outside, the work is mostly on the inside – code optimisation and compression. So far I’ve changed the packet structure slightly, as well as the GUI implementation – it is now more generalised. I’ve also laid the foundations for some new features, however I have to get the new version of the game to the same state as it was, before making any significant additions. Naturally I didn’t start completely from scratch, so hopefully it won’t take as long to get the game to its prior working state as it did initially.

As such, it’s probably going to be a while before another open beta test is held. I will keep posting updates on the progress, as well as thoughts on new features. In addition, I plan to post some thoughts and ideas concerning the game lore and the in-game universe. There are some exciting changes coming on that front – at least from my point of view.

Cosmic Frontiers Beta Test 2

Two successful beta test sessions were conducted today, and we’ve gone a long way! Big thank you to maximus2709, Cheremenin, Zufallsmensch, Starkkz, Mechanolith (JoaoP), uprate6 and PartyPooPer. Hopefully I’ll be able to conduct a beta test with more people from Unreal Software, but there’s still a lot to do – lots of bugs have been discovered by the testers.

First 50 players will receive unique ships, weapons and devices – 43 sets remaining!