“Ideas Pool” competition!

Hello, I’ve been doing some stuff in the mod today, and it turned out that most of original TF2 weapons are already implemented, just too boring or too hard to implement. That’s why I’ve decided to start an idea competition!

Yes, yes, that’s right. An idea competition. The thing is my idea pool is depleted, so I’m asking you for help. To join the competition, you can write a comment for this post, send me an email with topic “CS2D TF2 Ideas Pool”, or add me on Skype or MSN and write “CS2D TF2 Ideas Pool” in your request description. You can find my contacts on Contacts page.

Please use this preset when sending your suggestion:

<Weapon name>
<Weapon description>

<Weapon stats>
<Other notes/weapon set>

<Crafting blueprint/achievement unlock>

Description here is like Level 5 Minigun or Level 10 Sniper Rifle. The Other notes para is optional, you either may write some notes for your weapon, or make it a part of some weapon set (designed by you, too, no official weapon sets). Remember the Polycount update?

Now, please, don’t suggest things that are stupid originally or are already present in game. The winning sets/weapons will be included in the official TF2 mod edition. Hope to see some really nice suggestions!

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