Russian: Going Places

Movement is a broad and deep topic in Russian – indeed, Russian verbs of motion are one of the things that trouble students most. But prepositions are another very important component of expressing ideas of movement, especially because their often differs from English. This article will deal with some of the most common verbs of motion along with how to use them with prepositions, as well as a little about expressing where you are.

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Russian: Partitive Genitive

You may have encountered this strange occurrence when reading Russian literature or hearing speech: people say выпить чаю, поесть супа or налить квасу. You may think that’s wrong, since these verbs should govern the accusative, and these are… genitive and dative? After all, it’s пить чай, not пить чаю!
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Space RPG: Open Beta

To honour the first manned spaceflight in human history, Space RPG will go into open beta today. The first days of the beta are sure to be filled with restarts and data wipes, so please keep this in mind when playing. I urge you to read the two previous posts for a beginner’s guide and a description of the changes, so as to not start blindly. The beta server will be available at

Space RPG: Version 3

Space RPG has evolved a lot since its last release, but it has done so fairly quietly. However, with the advent of TAB’s server opening, it’s had its second wind. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you might be wondering what’s in store – and justly so. This post will explain what the new features are like and how the old ones have been reworked. Continue reading Space RPG: Version 3