CS2D Lua: Hats

Hats. Hat scripts are one of the most popular categories of scripts in Counter-Strike 2D and on Unreal Software – together with administration solutions and Tibia remakes. The majority of hat scripts, however, contain the same pitfalls and mistakes that lead to errors and malfunctions. This post is a tutorial on how to make good hat scripts. This tutorial is made for those with basic knowledge of Lua and its CS2D API. Continue reading CS2D Lua: Hats

Custom Weapons

So I had this nice idea a while ago about making a custom weapons script, but at the time I lacked the skill and the knowledge. Now I took on that project again, and it turned out to be pretty nice actually. Right now I’m working on visual effects and the ammunition system – it’s going to be displayed with real number sprites from CS2D. Quite cool, quite cool indeed. The progress so far can be seen here.